Minecraft Username : xXNathan_FameXx

Age :Age : 19

Timezone :: Pacific PST

Languages : English, Very basic Chinese and Vietnamese (simple words in English characters), Basic French

Server : Ultra

Active Server Time : 2d 5h 45m 50s

Position Applied For : Moderator

Ban History : Never banned

Staff History :: 2013-2015 The longest held staff title I ever had was as a helper for Lukeycraft, which since then I think has become Baconetworks. It had averaged 15-20+ players on each of its different servers. I held the position of helper for about 2 years give or take and was recommended to apply for moderator but never actually did it.

2012-2013 For about a year I held the position of head admin on one of my friends cracked servers called sajcraft. It catered to an audience comprising of many 9-10 year olds from a local school near me. It averaged 5-10 players, reaching 20+ over the weekend. This helped give me experience in administrating and also helped give me experience in moderating over those younger than me.

Though there were other servers I was staff on, even owner as I myself made a server, however they were very short lived and didn't make it far

What can you bring to the Server : I can bring in various things to the server, Aside from a helping hand and a kind environment, I am serious in enforcing the rules and keeping players moderated. I want the Ultra server to grow just as big as the other pixelmon servers without trouble. As a moderator I will help facilitate that safe growth and keep anything unwanted out. I can help trouble shoot any problems a server would have and defuse arguments should they happen. I can also aid by being on during the morning and afternoon PST where I have noticed there are a lack of moderators.

Moderation Questions :

<player> is using excessive CAPS in chat : If a player were to be using excessive caps without any underlying issue I would give them two warnings One for the initial CAPS and another if they were to continue. This second warning would come with a detailing of the consequences of what would happen if they don't stop. If this player were to persist even after the second warning I would mute them for 15 minutes. At this point I see no point in further giving them opportunities as I have effectively given them three chances to correct their behavior and they have not taken it. So I will permanently mute them until they contact the appropriate staff or make an appeal. If they were to continue in some way to negatively affect other players or staff I would have to temporarily ban them for 1 day while informing other staff to watch out when they have returned.

<player> is abusing both players and staff : If a player were to be verbally abusing staff I would follow on with the steps I have listed previously. However if the abuse were to be extreme such as racially, sexually etc abusing others I would only give one warning and if they fail to correct their behavior a 30 minute mute which would become a permanent mute if they do not stop. However if they were to continue bothering others with commands, grief, etc I would have to temporarily ban them from 1 day to a week depending on the severity (with screenshot) while informing other staff to keep an eye out for when their temp ban is lifted and let the higher authorities handle further punishment.

<player> is advertising a different Server : If a player were to be advertising a different server I would check to see if they were new and immediately ask them to stop and if they have read the rules and if not I would inform them of the things that might happen if they were ignorant about it, accidental or not. If they have read the rules before or choose to ignore what I have said I would ban them, However if this player has been playing on the server for a bit of time and should already know the rules I will ban them, citing that they have no excuses for not reading the rules. I will provide the higher authorities with screenshot evidence of the incident.

Any other relevant information : I have previously worked at a k-8 school as an lead assistant for an after school program. During this job I directed other assistants, helped with the afterschool programs owners, and managed the children. I feel that the time I spent at this job has helped give me insight on what it takes to be in charge of others and to work as a team. I have always been a big fan of the pokemon series and of minecraft so to be staff on a server that checks those two categories would be amazing. If I do get accepted as a moderator I look forward to providing the necessary help that is required of me and working together with you all. :)