Minecraft Username : foursoulsj1
Age : 17
Timezone : Central European Time CET
Languages : German and English
Server : Neo
Active Server Time : 16h55m (but i've been around since at least 1 month before the reset)
Position Applied For : Moderator or Helper whatever is needed
Ban History : I have never been banned in any game i think
Staff History : I Mod a Friends discord Server (not much but still)
What can you bring to the Server : I can bring understanding for both sides of a conflict to make sure a fitting Solution can be found.
Also I will try to answer every question players may have to my fullest understanding on the Subject.
Moderation Questions :
<player> is using excessive CAPS in chat :
Since most Players dont realise that a full caps sentences are something we don't want on the server I would give them at least 2 warnings that full caps in chat is not very pleasent for other people to read or that they should refrain from using so much caps.
If they insist on really spamming it for the fun of it i would warn them one last time and threaten them with a mute. Should they not comply i would mute them for 5 minutes and in case they cant behave after that a 10 minute mute and then a 1hour mute. Mute length will increase exponentially.
I would follow the same theme with insulting but then i would make the warnings harsher.
<player> is abusing both players and staff :
If a player is actively begging or abusing players and staff I would first try to find a peacefull solution for example trying to convice a scammer to uphold his end of the bargain or threatening them with a ban and if I judge the situation with the scammer is unsolvable i will ban them.
If the abuse is verbal like begging i would firstly tell them that they shouldnt beg and were or how they can get the stuff they are begging for. if They continue to beg they will get muted for 5 mins the length of the mutes raising exponentioally because they are pretty much spammers.

<player> is advertising a different Server :
There will be at least 1 warning telling them that advertising a different Server is strictly against the server rules and has serious consequences alias ban and if they proceed to advertise a different Server i will ban them.
(if the stuff they are advertising falls under the clauses in the Advertising section in the rules)

Any other relevant information :
if the need to change my nickname arises because it is too similar to the usernames of other mods/helpers i will of course change it
I hope my Application isnt a mess of grammatical errors and such.

In good Spirits foursoulsj1