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Greetings. I go by Dabi (pronounced dah-bee), or Dabi_the_Flame (IGN), ever since I joined the Ultra server, I've wanted to help people who were new to the server. I believe I am a good applicant for the role of moderator because I am very helpful and happily greet everyone who joins the server. I've also done my best to memorize the entirety of the in game map in order to help people find what they need when they need it. I also have a lot of experience with moderation, considering I've been an admin in every discord server and at least Head Professor in every Pokemon Showdown league I've been in, and I have a lot of experience with stopping drama and arguments due to one of the discord servers I'm in having a very, very long history of drama and betrayal by various people, and I've taken care of all of those problems on my lonesome. I invite new people to my Pokemon Showdown leagues all the time, so bringing new people to our servers isn't a problem. For the above reasons, I believe I should be a moderator, if you agree, please try to get a hold of me by either replying to this thread, DMing me on Discord at Dabi#6666, or emailing me at
~ Sincerely, Dabi.
Posted Feb 4, 19 · OP
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Hey there Dabi! There is a pinned thread in the staff applications subforum (where you went to make this thread). The pinned thread has a form that applicants should fill out in order to apply.
Posted Feb 4, 19
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