Minecraft Username : Traylon_
Age : 19
Timezone : Eastern Standard Time
Languages : (Please state if you speak/read more than 1 language) Only English
Server : Origins
Active Server Time : (Use `/activetime check`) 4d 8h 21m at the time of writing this staff application.
Position Applied For : (Helper/Moderator) Either one, I would be content with Helper but I would like to have Moderator if the chance comes up.
Ban History : (If any) One false ban from an under trained staff member.
Staff History : (If any)
What can you bring to the Server : I can bring helpful advice to those who are new to both Minecraft and Pokémon, having a good amount of knowledge in both games, casually and competitive. I can also look for bugs and glitches as I've found some recently by complete accident.
Moderation Questions : (Please answer with how you would deal with the situation)
<player> is using excessive CAPS in chat : I would give 3 chances to stop and if they continued I would possibly kick said player depending on the severity of the caps and if they continued, I would mute them.
<player> is abusing both players and staff : I don't tolerate abuse on other players or even staff. I would most likely just tell them to stop once and if they continue, I would ban for however long the usual length is for that reason.
<player> is advertising a different Server : Depending on how much they spam, I would kick the first time and mute the second time if they continue.
Any other relevant information : I will be able to play most often everyday unless something changes due to personal reasons with mental issues.