Minecraft Username: Ceria_Cheer
Age: 22
Timezone: EST
Language: English
Server: Neo
Active Server Time: As of this month, 2 days. Last month was nearing 2 weeks, plus I played on the old Neo map for around 2 months.
Position Applied For: Moderator
Ban History: N/A
Staff History: I mod 3 discord servers and admin 2, and on Mabinogi I've been a guild leader, and a guild officer in my 4 years of active playtime on that MMO.

What can you bring to the Server: I've been told that I'm a very good judge of character, I have a history with the server of helping mods warn players, sending in tickets and dming admins whenever the situation calls for it. Not to mention that I started the trend of warding pokeloots in the survival map, when I log on I see people trying to get my attention to update me on what happened while I was away. I already call out caps and swearing whenever I see it happening, and while some people tend to listen, others feel the need to fight the rules more when I call them out.

Moderation Questions : (Please answer with how you would deal with the situation)
<player> is using excessive CAPS in chat: I warn the player to avoid using caps, if the problem persists I'll whisper them and warn them if the next big offense will lead to a mute. I normally let 1 word in caps slide, but if a whole message is in caps, I'll warn the player.
With this, I feel that a few more 'strikes' are permitted, we all can slip up and get a bit too excited, so I understand. Though, if it gets spammy, I'll give serious warnings to the player in global chat and via whispering to them. (This also goes for typing backwards, this hasn't been much of an issue but there was a time last week when someone was really pushing the limits of 'spam'.)
<player> is abusing both players and staff: If another mod hasn't already stepped in, I warn that player that they are being rude, if they refuse to listen, I mute them. If the situation calls for it, and if the aforementioned user has enough strikes, I ban them.
<player> is advertising a different Server: I'll warn them with a whisper that I'll be muting them, if after the mute they continue, I'll mute again while I get in contact with a higher up, or a fellow mod with more experience.

Any other relevant information: As some of you already know, I work as an in-house babysitter, so I tend to afk at random times due to 'always being on the clock', meaning the kids I watch tend to come up to my room and demand my attention.(Though, I tend to mention when I have to go afk for a period of time, more so during the day when the kids are awake.) While some may think this profession I'm in offers no experience to modding a server, I feel that due to my job, I'm able to talk to younger players in a way they can understand. Sure the server may have 15+ and up, the chances of a younger player joining is very high, and the last thing I want them to do is avoid a server just because no one would listen to them.
I try not to get emotional while I'm modding in my discord servers, but I refuse to let people be sexist/racist/homo/transphobic, so if a user is being crass like that in chat I might call them out a bit bluntly. While I'm a bit more open on discord, in-game I try to be as sweet and helpful as I can, but I know what topics tend to get me a bit heated, and I know how to properly control my emotions when dealing with highly toxic players.
That aside, I tend to be online when there's no other mods, from 11pm to 10am EST (These being my most active hours, other times I may be afk), while these hours are known as the 'chill hours', some problems still happen in chat, and I feel that it would be easier to handle situations like that if there was a mod online during those times.