>Minecraft Username: MatthewFaur
>Age: 16
>Timezone: Eastern Standard Time
>Languages: English & Spanish
>Server: Neo
>Active Server Time: 48hrs Total Server Time On Trainer Card: 6 Days
>Position Applied For: Moderator
>Staff History: Last year I staffed on a Garry’s Mod server called ExhibitionRP. During this time, I started as a S.I.T (staff in training) then climbed the ranks all the way to head admin during which I graded staff applications and led the entire staff team.
>What can you bring to the Server: Although I may be only 16 I do many things in my daily life that allow me to poses the nature to handle tough situations like player conflict or worse. In my life I have gone through many rough and powerful situations that have led me to become strong and responsible. What I can bring to the server is the ability to think fast and the experience to deal with rough situations. Not only that but I can also bring the dedication needed for a good staff member to be able to endure.
>Moderation Questions: (Please answer with how you would deal with the situation)
-- <player> is using excessive CAPS in chat: I first tell the player to stop the excessive use of caps. If the problem persists then I will mute the player and tell him again to stop using caps excessively. If the problem is still persisting then check if a higher up is online and if not then I ban the person with the correct amount of time and the reason of “persistently over using caps after various warnings”
-- <player> is abusing both players and staff: Depending on the situation and what they said I would either warn them or ban them immediately. If I warn them at first then I would keep an eye on them. If they did something abusing both players and staff again then I would directly ban them for the reason “staff and or player abuse” and look for a higher up to confirm that the amount of time they were banned for is correct.
-- <player> is advertising a different Server: Ask them to stop and give them a server warning so other mods and admins can know to watch out for his/her advertising. If done again after my warning I would ban them for the reason of “Advertising after warning to stop” and look for a higher up to confirm that the amount of time they were banned for is correct.
>Any other relevant information: I have played Pokémon since I was little and it was the one thing I could always count on. During my life I have faced many challenges and rough patches and I would like to be staff because I think it would give me the ability to help and take care of a server that’s just there for people to have fun during their rough patches.