Minecraft Username : Shredifyer
Age : 17, turning 18 next may
Timezone : Central Standard Time
Languages : partial german
Server : Ultra
Active Server Time : 1 day and 20 hours from last month and 17 hours so far in this month
Position Applied For : Helper, looking to move onto mod at a later time
Ban History : N/A
Staff History : Moderator on CrucibleMC server (closed due to lack of funding), and current Community manager for a server nicknamed "Ashes"
What can you bring to the Server : A helpful and knowledgeable source new and recurring players can come to and count on as well as an extra layer of protection against those looking to harm the experience of the players.
Moderation Questions :
<player> is using excessive CAPS in chat : solution = ask <player> politely to calm down with extensive caps. If the problem persists then directly contact a staff member above my position of talk to <player>.
<player> is abusing both players and staff : solution = warn <player> of his/her consequences and inform a staff member above my position.
<player> is advertising a different Server : solution = warn <player> that his/her actions can and will lead to a ban due to the advertising rule put in place.
Any other relevant information : I was reluctant to try Pixelmon at first and was strong armed into playing it. With Mayhem Ultra being the my first experience with it i have since made several friends. I would like the opportunity to give back and assist the new players as i was once treated as when i first joined in.