Hey there guys, I've been warding pokeloot since the Neo Reboot with torches, and I figured that I would make a guide on how I do it, just to keep everything in one place and organized!

Tier 1, normal Pokeballs: 1 torch
Tier 2, Ultraballs: 2 torches, one on each side
Tier 3, Masterballs: 4 torches, surrounding the ball
Hidden grotto's: 2 on the outside of the entrance and 2 inside

How can you help? By warding any loot you see! I can't be everywhere at once, so there's going to be loot that I haven't warded yet! This warding system helps players spot out loot from afar, helps our players who don't have the best sight, and is convenient for area's where there is tons of loot, so you know where to go to get loot quicker.

Pokeloot DOS:
- Warding any loot you see! I'm not always online, and I'm not always free to come warp to every single loot, so this is VERY helpful! If you need torches feel free to ping me on discord and I'll make some for you
- Share coords to T3 and Grotto's either in this thread or on discord! Offering tpa's ingame is also welcomed, it's already a trend but I'd love to keep it going!
- Share coords to area's where there is A LOT of loot in one zone (I.E; Loot Beach, a desert with lots of loot)

Pokeloot DON'TS:
- Claiming any loot, this is very rude and make's it so other players cannot ward or even use the loot! If you have any loot claimed, please unclaim it and ward it
- Breaking blocks around/under loot, making it harder to get and impossible to ward if there's no blocks around it
- Breaking down hidden grottos, part of the charm of grotto's is that they are semi hidden, breaking them down is seen as rude

I hope this guide is helpful for everyone, and if you ever have any questions, don't be afraid to ask!
Have fun and happy looting!