Minecraft Username : THEGIGACRAFT

Age : 14 (Hope thats ok)

Timezone : NZDT (CST +19)

Server : Origins

Active Server Time : 1D 10HRS

Position Applied For : Helper

Ban History : None

Staff History : None :(

What can you bring to the Server :
I could bring a lot of helpful knowledge the server as I have spent many hours researching pokemon facts and info, thus I will be able to assist both new and old players in understanding some complicated concepts such as IVs, I can also add another positive attitude, I like to look on the bright side of things so that may encourage players to keep trying after a failure

Moderation Questions : (Please answer with how you would deal with the situation)

<player> is using excessive CAPS in chat :
Give them a verbal warning if they continue I will ask them again if that fails I will mute them
<player> is abusing both players and staff :
Ask them to stop then if that fails, mute them, if they continue I will ask a mod to either mute them longer or temp ban them depending on the severity of the situation
<player> is advertising a different Server :
Mute them immediately then ask a mod to ban them

Any other relevant information :
I can't start til 7th January as am away with my family until then