Minecraft Username : Okinu_
Age : 23
Timezone : CST -05:00
Languages : (Please state if you speak/read more than 1 language) English
Server : Origins
Active Server Time : (Use `/activetime check`) 6.5 hours
Position Applied For : (Helper/Moderator) Moderator
Ban History : (If any) None
Staff History : (If any) I have staff history from HuskyPixelmon, which was a server owned by a Youtuber with roughly 200 players on at a time. I worked my way up to Senior Admin, then stepped down and became a Head Gym Leader, then switched back to staff and was given an Admin rank.
I was also Moderator on a modded minecraft server , KKMC, and a moderator on the vanilla skyblock server, Skybounds.
What can you bring to the Server : I have a lot of previous staff experience and know how to handle chat problems on a server. I've also been staff on a pixelmon server, so I'm aware of how pixelmon things work.
Moderation Questions : (Please answer with how you would deal with the situation)
<player> is using excessive CAPS in chat : I would verbally warn the player in chat and ask them to stop. Then I would /warn them (if this command is used on the server) and finally i would tempmute depending on server rules.
<player> is abusing both players and staff : If a player is abusing both players and staff, I would give them a verbal warning again. If the issue persists i would then kick, and finally tempmute.
<player> is advertising a different Server : Most of the servers I've been staff on have considered advertising as a permanent ban. So I would message the appropriate level of staff so they can get on and deal with the player, after i tempmuted then to stop the advertising.
Any other relevant information :