Minecraft Username : _EmiryMC
Age : 23
Timezone : Eastern Standard Time
Languages : English
Server : Origins
Active Server Time : 2 days, 19 hours
Position Applied For : Helper
Ban History : None.
Staff History : I used to work on Husky Mudkipz Pixelmon server a few years back, before it shut down. I made my way up to Admin in the staff ranks, and was also a head gym leader for a few months before the shut down. I've also had a few staff experiences on vanilla servers as well. All of them are shut down as of now, however.
What can you bring to the Server : I’ve had staff experience in the past on another Pixelmon server, so I know how to handle most problems and answer most questions that arise within the Pixelmon community. I feel confident in what I know about the server commands at the moment, so I'd be able to help new players when they have questions about all things server related. I'm a very patient and rational person, so I'm good when it comes to handling issues under pressure.
Moderation Questions : (Please answer with how you would deal with the situation)
<player> is using excessive CAPS in chat : I would give them a verbal warning to start off with, as I'm not sure if the server has the /warn command. If they were to continue, then that would usually result in either a kick or tempmute, depending on the staff rules.
<player> is abusing both players and staff : I would again first give a verbal warning, advising them to stop. If they refuse to listen, I would then again either kick or tempmute them.
<player> is advertising a different Server : Any advertising, from my previous experiences, is always an immediate permanent ban. I would request the necessary staff online to deal with the issue, as I assume helpers would not have those permissions.
Any other relevant information : Currently, because of the upcoming Christmas and such holidays, my real life work schedule has become a lot more hectic. I would predominantly only be able to get on more early in the morning and/or late at night due to this. After the Christmas season has passed, however, I'll be able to get on a lot more often.