Minecraft Username : Hanzo0718
Age : 16
Timezone : EST
Languages : English
Server : Neo
Active Server Time : 1d26m50s
Position Applied For : Mod but will be helper
Ban History : none
Staff History : none
What can you bring to the Server :
Moderation Questions : (Please answer with how you would deal with the situation)
<player> is using excessive CAPS in chat : first 2 times i would give a warning and after that mute them for 5 mins and gradually increase if needed
<player> is abusing both players and staff :have a higher ranking person take a look into it
<player> is advertising a different Server : they would get muted for an hour or so and if continues see about a ban
Any other relevant information : i have a job, i have boy scouts on Tuesdays and campouts on some weekends