hi my mc is Ashisgood1 on discord is AshisBack Taken#2513 and i make my own server and i send that on the pokemyhems off-tropic server and i mistaken about that beacuse i know that`s is not a good idea so i am here now i talk to prime on mindcraft neo and he helping me about this and prime saying is ok and i texting in this ban appeals to say my sorry about that i did and if someone else do the same as me your get autoban and need to waiting 14 days to get back again but i what i relly saying is was my own (This is my own mistake and I apologize for this I have done so I say again please do not do what I've done you get autobaned or waiting 14 days)

if some of the mods or admin look at this please i AshisBack Taken#2513 is very sorry and apologize what i have done and i do not doing this again (i think my head is out of idea`s so i don`t know what else i can say about this)

from Ash