Minecraft Username : Ashisgood1
my discord name is AshisgoodIG_YT
Age : 34 soon in 3 month 35
Timezone : scandinavian timezone
Languages : english/norvegian (still talking english to be good in that)
Server : orgins
Active Server Time : 1 week 4 days 1 hours 53 min 41 sec
i be online on the server as randomly or 10 on the morning to 06 the next morning after is like over 15 to 20 hours in every week if i am not sleeping. (If something happend in real life i need to do that first priority the health is the first thing i do and i know is hard to understand this, but is the truth and the everyone knows that too)
Position Applied For : moderator to help the new members to be welcome
Ban History : nothing
Staff History : few times warning but is ok
What can you bring to the Server : i can talk in the chat and help them to do some command and welcome the new people and be nice and polite* (as nice) to them and tell them to do /rules if is nesseserly i think is clalled and i know i need to be very pro as possible and not swaering is some rules say that.

Moderation Questions : when i am Ashisgood1 be online on the server i try to calm down the people if not i say "please follow the rules" if not they doing that i go to discord and try to talk with the staff to make them do that and make some proof what they try to saying and who that person is if that`s in the public chat or in a message you will see that and still i make this very serisley but i can`t be angery i need to make the admin or someone else do the deal with that beacuse i can`t do nothing if i talking i can make this a big mess as it is and is will be more then that is well i try to make them calm down like i say little up and that`s it if you know what i meant by that and by the way you know when you see this (i am not very good in english sometimes when i saying something i can`t spell that right)

<player> is using excessive CAPS in chat : i say don`t you be warning if you keep going
<player> is abusing both players and staff : i get help and they talk to them
<player> is advertising a different Server : url is not allowed in the Pokemyhem or something else
Any other relevant information : if i say something bad or you don`t understand or be comfuse about my bad english i am very sorry about that beacuse i try my best to talk and saying in good grammer or what is called

thank you if i Ashisgood1 be a moderator and we all helping each other to make this server as friendly as possible i will do my duty to make sure everything is in good hands and the rest of the members are good and enjoying the game

from Ashisgood1