Minecraft Username : Hypercapsule
Age : 16
Timezone : Eastern Standard Time (EST) I can usually be on from around 3:40 PM to 8 or 9PM
Languages : I only speak English.
Server : Orgins
Active Server Time : 2 days 17 hours 16 minutes
Position Applied For : Moderator
Ban History : None
Staff History : I have been staff on a few smaller servers and have learned a lot from those experiences.
What can you bring to the Server : I can help people in the server when they have problems with something or if they have a question. I can also help test new features on the server I always find a lot of glitches and am really good at it.
Moderation Questions : (Please answer with how you would deal with the situation)
<player> is using excessive CAPS in chat : I would give them 3 warnings in one sitting, then mute them for around 30 seconds if they continue I would kick them. If they continue to join back and spam then I would inform another staff member and see what I should do about the situation. (Ban or not)
<player> is abusing both players and staff : I would tell them to quit and that they need to respect staff and everyone on the server if they continue doing it I would kick them. If the player still doesn't stop I would ban them. After I would submit and state the reason for the ban and try to get screen shots for proof.
<player> is advertising a different Server : Instant Ban then I would submit and state the reason for ban I would also try to get screenshots for proof.
Any other relevant information : I Love pokemon, Im in High School, I care a lot about school and my education so I prioritize my grades over everything else so that would be one of the only reasons I will not be on besides family matters because I care about my family a lot. I play football and am in some other school clubs so sometimes I may get on a little late but most the time It will be around 3:40 PM