Minecraft Username : CallMeNeckBeard
Age : 26
Timezone : GMT +1
Languages : English
Server : Origins
Active Server Time : 1 week 3 days
Position Applied For : Moderator
Ban History : Non
Staff History : Used to be admin.. On this server a long time ago, before that was "starting" to run my own server but mage convinced me other wise ;)

What can you bring to the Server : I have had experience with some of the staff so shouldnt be too hard to get along with them, I am known with most of the members of the community either from just being online or from streaming and they pop in.
I can be firm where needed and flexible when its applicable, Also with me being on GMT+1 i can be online when some of the other staff members cant be due to time differences, so this could also lighten the load for them.
Due to my back injury i currently dont work and barely go out.. other than my daughter my time is free from 7/8am - 4/5pm ( i mostly still online after that but the times stated are without distraction from family or otherwise)

I can also remember some of the commands so it shouldn't take too long to pickup where i left off.

Moderation Questions : (Please answer with how you would deal with the situation)
<player> is using excessive CAPS in chat : In a first instance they would receive a warning, if it was to carry on they would get muted for the maximum time of 5 minutes. If it still carried on excessively it would result in a ban for the player for a day.

<player> is abusing both players and staff : In my opinion this shouldn't happen, so if it came to a time where it did that player would be banned.
<player> is advertising a different Server : Instantly ban that person, as it is against the server rules.

Any other relevant information : I decided to apply because after coming back to the server i missed everyone on here, we have a good time and a good laugh. There just times when admins / moderators cant get on for either time zone differences or real life situations, i can fill most of that gap due to me not working and already being on the server most of the time anyway.

Thanks for looking over my application - CallMeNeckbeard