Minecraft Username : Lalaboho

Age : 16

Timezone : GMT

Languages : English (Fluent), Spanish (Decent Level) + Started Learning Danish

Server : Origins

Active Server Time : 2 days 21 hours (And rapidly growing.)

Position Applied For : Helper

Ban History : None

Staff History : Over a year of experience being Helper on another pixelmon server, I was then promoted to Mini-Mod which was similar to Head Helper. I was also a gym leader on the server for around 4 months. I would have continued to progress, but sadly the server decided to close after the original pixelmon was closed. They are planning to re-open as a different server and offered me a position of Moderator.

What can you bring to the Server : I have had lots of experience with being staff, especially helper so I know how to deal with multiple situations that staff can often face. Furthermore, I am almost always more than happy to aid new players, as well as the experience in many various ways. I know how to build teams, and am well versed in Pokemon, and have an solid understanding of most things in it, from EVS to battle strategies. In addition, I know how to breed and can help players understand how to breed pokemon with specific natures and abilities.
As well as my experience as staff, I would also be able to bring diversity to the staff roster. This is because of my timezone. This would allow for people to seek help, or ask me to relay a message to another member of staff which they are not able to see due to the inconvenience of their timezone.
Finally, I would like to think that I am a friendly and approachable, as well as calm and collected so fit the helper role well.

Moderation Questions : (Please answer with how you would deal with the situation)
<player> is using excessive CAPS in chat : In the first instance, I would give them a friendly warning, and ask them to watch their caps. If they were to continue to use caps, I would warn them once more and say that if they continue they could get muted. If the player was to continue to use excessive CAPS, I would kick them, and warn them that the next strike would be a 5 minutes mute. If they still persist and use CAPS I would increase the mute time from 5 (mins) to 15, then 15 to 30, then finally 30 to 1 hour. If they were to still continue after this, I would reach out to a higher level member of staff, and ask them to either assist, or punish them as they see fit. I would also make sure to get proof of continued excessive CAPS, just in case they were to report me for staff abuse.

<player> is abusing both players and staff : I would first tell the player abusing to stop what they were doing that was causing harm. If they were to continue I would then kick them with an appropriate reason. When (If) they join back I would make sure to ./msg them an explanation of why they were kicked. If they would continue I would either ban or mute them, depending on what would more effectively deal with the situation. I would also alert a higher member of staff on the situation as well as get proof of them doing so.

<player> is advertising a different Server : If they were spamming an IP I would kick them with an appropriate reason. If they were to join back I would then mute them, as well as alerting another member of staff about the incident, as well as their IGN so we know for the future if they join again.

Any other relevant information : I decided to apply as on my time playing I have only seen Mods and Admins online, whether this is due to inactivity, timezone or lack of Helpers, I think there is a gap in staff that needs to be filled, and I believe that I am the person for the job.

Thanks for reading - LaLa