Minecraft Username :MiniHazard777

Age: 23

TimeZone: CST

Languages: English

Server: Ultra

Active Server Time: 2 days, I have been on the server for a week

Position Applied For: Helper

Ban History: None

Staff History: I have 2+ or more years of staff history, the servers I played on are closed or deleted.

What Can You Bring to the Server: I can bring positivity, new ideas for the server. welcoming new players/old players, making sure they get there answers right then and now with no delays, Help any issues they have and keep the server safe and secure. I do get on the server a lot so I can help anyone out with or without another staff member online, I will help others while I improve my stats and my pokemon team as I help them out, I'm usually on late at night so I can cover the night shift so I can make sure that no one messes up or does anything stupid while other staff members are asleep.

Moderation Questions: (Player) is using excessive CAPS in chat: Please stop with the caps, I will give you a warning but don't let it happen again, if they don't listen I will give them a 30minute mute. Do it again I will mute them for 1hour, after two mutes it will be a 30minute ban. (Player) is abusing both players and staff: Warn them once to stop, don't listen to the warning, it will be a 1 hour ban until I talk to the higher council to see what higher punisment is for the player. (player) is advertising a different server: Give them a warning, cause all players deserve one warning. If they don't comply to the warning I will mute them for 1 hour, they still don't listen give them another 1 hour, while I talk to the higher council to deal with the person who is advertising a different server.

Any Other relevant information: I may not have helped people on the server yet, cause I work a shift schedule and to tired to get on or I am just not paying attention at all. I will help more people on the server since I will be taking this serious, If I don't get hired as a member of staff, that is okay cause I'm still wanting to help players feel welcome to the server and have a great time on the server..

Ps: I meant for a helper rank.