Minecraft Username : oKelpo (formerly Goush123)

Age : 16

Timezone : EST

Languages : English, French, Some knowledge in serbian/Croatian.

Server : Origins

Active Server Time : 2d16h

Position Applied For : Moderator

Ban History : 0 bans

Staff History : I was warned once for caps, however it was due to my hand slipping onto the caps lock key. I am moreĀ  cautious when it comes to that now.

What can you bring to the Server : My activeness within the server is splendid. I use the majority of the free time I get to improve my ability in the game whilst enjoying doing so, and can use my knowledge to further educate new players, as well as co-operate and work with other players of equal or greater caliber. I do my best to answer questions for newer players as I often respond to people's requests in the server's chat.; whether it be selling items to them that they need, giving them teleports, items, or sometimes even pokemon that they may need for a quest, I try to be as helpful as I can possibly me at any given moment. Though I may ask questions myself, this shows how I may have some areas which I need more knowledge in, however in doing so I can apply that and assist the newer players. Apart from this aspect, I can essentially be a new friend to people in the server, entertain others in the discord server and in chat. As a mod, I would love to make players experience on the server a blast of fun.

Moderation Questions : (Please answer with how you would deal with the situation)
<player> is using excessive CAPS in chat : I would remind the player of the caps rule, thus letting them know showing a bit of excitement in shortened words or acronyms such as LOL, or OMG is fine. If the player then persists to use caps and/or spam carelessly in an attempt to garner attention, the player would then be muted.

<player> is abusing both players and staff : I would remind the player of rules whether it be with respect, griefing, cheating, etc. and treatment towards other users. If the player continues to be abusive in any way, the player would be muted (if the abuse was simply via messages - other forms of abuse such as griefing would result in a kick and then a ban if further attempted).

<player> is advertising a different Server : Immediate ban; you would go on this server for the purpose and amusement of that server. If a player wanted to go to a different server, then they wouldn't be here, hence there is no genuine necessity in advertising other servers in the server.

Any other relevant information : Please keep in mind that there's always room for my improvement with or without mod. In the case I do not get hired, I will still be more than happy to help in chat and discord as well as I can. Also, my account on the website was created under my former username goush123.