Minecraft Username : Velovely
Age : 15
Timezone : PST
Languages : My primary language is English but, I am extremely fluent in Spanish.
Server : Origins
Active Server Time : 2 Days 15 Hours
Position Applied For : Moderator
Ban History : 0 Bans
Staff History : I'm pretty sure I was warned by a mod for using caps once.

What can you bring to the Server : I can bring tons of help to players whenever they need it. I also want to ensure that there aren't as many people who can't quite understand the rules or acknowledge them, in order for the game to be more enjoyable for everyone else.

Moderation Questions : (Please answer with how you would deal with the situation)

<player> is using excessive CAPS in chat : As many people tend to use caps for emphasis in messages I think they should simply be warned first, as they may not have known the rule regarding caps. However, due to this rule being put in place in the first place, the player should be muted if they persist with caps, and only if they carry on with caps after that then they are banned. There may be exceptions to this though, such as someone spamming the chat with vulgar words in caps which would result in an instant mute or ban.

<player> is abusing both players and staff : I believe that abuse or harassment in any shape or form should not be tolerated in any way, hence I would warn in most instances and then mute if the person being warned in the situation persists. If it continues further than that, the user would be kicked then banned for not listening to the cues to stop what they are doing to others. However, I do think that this is mainly dependent on the severity of the abuse; basic insults would be a warn whereas death threats, racist, sexist and/or homophobic remarks would result in a mute more quickly than other forms of harassment.

<player> is advertising a different Server : Due to the fact that there are other methods of advertising that aren't as intrusive as advertising servers in other servers such as this one, I do believe that this should just result in a ban as in most cases the user would only join the user to advertise when they have other options in terms of advertising, therefore they have no need to do that in this server.
Any other relevant information : Not specifically.