IGN: __Pixelz__

Server: Neo

Time & Date of Issue: 9:09 pm AEST, 7th August, 2018

Ban Reason: Movement of Professor Oak which lead to disruption of new players.

Ban screenshot:

Detailed Explanation of Issue: On the 7th of August, 9:09pm, I was Permanently Banned because I moved Professor Oak from spawn into the magikarp pond via boat.

When I decided to move Prof. Oak into the pond it seemed funny in my head until I realised the effect it had on the whole growing community. There was 3 new players who joined at the time of the incident who I moved to the professor to help them once I realised what I had done.

Players around me thought it was funny but I knew I truly messed up. I knew I was going to get some sort of punishment but didn’t realise how severe the ban would be. Forever.

I am sincerely regretting what I had done and am very sorry for all the inconvenience I caused by doing this. I apologise to everyone involved, especially the Admin who had to come on and fix it and also the new players who joined whilst this happened.

I know what I have done and I want to change the way I act because this server is really enjoyable to me and I want to do everything I can to make it so all new and current players can enjoy as much as I did. I would like to have a second chance to show I can change.

By writing this appeal I take full responsibility of my actions, I am extremely sorry for the inconvenience I caused.


__Pixelz__ (Jamie)

Any other Information/screenshots:
To help with further issues with boats and npcs, I advise you to place barriers around them, or stopping the ability of being able to place entities(boats, etc) in claims.
If the server is using worldguard for claims you can do this via
( /region flag “spawn” vehicle-place deny )

Screenshots provided by other players: