IGN: XDMangoJanog

Server : Pixelmon Origins

Time & Date of Issue: 9:30pm - 10:00pm 7/23/18

Ban reason : Pokeradar

Detailed Explanation of issue: There was a message that was received for use of Pokeradar. The account of XDMangoJanog was in the mine where and went to fly over to a shiny which was absolutely not possible to have been seen from his position

Any other Information/Screenshots:So inbound cliché reason but I don't know how other I can explain it. There are two users for this computer. 1st XDMangoJanog and 2nd is DJMessi10 my brother. (Disclaimer) So he does have permission to use my account to gather resources and stuff since im the donated account and it has /fly. He thought it might have been a great idea to use pokeradar while I was at work. Its not like I haven't used it, (I admit I have used it) I saw that appeal from paulsv so then decided to drop it off. I can do random checks from staff if I need to, look into the controls and see I have no Pokeradar settings on it. Just like to get back onto the server whenever possible. If you need his side, I'll go on DIscord and discuss with an admin